The Cambridge Journal of Anthropology is seeking proposals for the Spring 2021 Special Issue

The Cambridge Journal of Anthropology is seeking proposals for the Spring 2021 Special I ssue . Submissions are invited that use original research to challenge existing understandings of human social life, and aspire to engage a wide readership. Submissions are encouraged from all theoretical, methodological and political traditions. The maximum length for a Special I ssue is 6 0 , 000 words, inclusive of all notes, references, introductions and afterwords. Individual research articles should ordinarily be 8, 000 words in length. No more than 50% of authors named in the proposal should be affiliated to the same institution. Proposals should be sent to the editor ( ) by no later than November 15th 2019 . Proposals should be 2000 – 2500 words in length and include the following: The name (s) , contact details and position (s) of the guest editor (s) and all authors; the proposed title of the Special Issue ; an abstract of 750 – 1000 words that outlines the con text, rationale, coherence and contribution of the Special Issue ; titles, 125 – 150 word abstracts and word counts for each individual contribution; an indication of whether drafts of each contribution are complete at the date of proposal. Two shortlisted proposal s will be announced in mid – December 2019 , and their editors invited to submit a full manuscript for peer review by March 13 th 2020 . The successful issue will be a nnounced in June 2020 and published in June 20 2 1 The Cambridge Journal of Anthropology Editor: Andrew Sanchez


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